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Improve your online presence

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, we can help you improve your online presence through site improvements, SEO, and social media.

User Interface Framework

Build a proper UI from the ground up

Take advantage of all the tools and frameworks available. Grunt, Yeoman, Sass are extremely productive tools that can improve development time. AngularJS, BackboneJS, NodeJS are some of the tools that can help give a great structure to the UI.

User Experience Improvements

Make your site usable

Don't ignore the benefits of an user friendly site. Users have become very savvy and a site with a bad user experience will fail no matter how much has been spent on the hardware or design.

Search Engine Optimization

Let them find you!

Here are some interesting statistics:
- 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
- Search and e-mail are the top two internet activities.
Ensure that your customers can find you by being the right category and keyword search.

Social Media Presence

Expand your reach

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Blog posts allow you and your busniness to have a extended reach while targeting your demographic users. This is a highly effective tool that is ignored by most businesses which is available to all for free.

Build a Better Prototype

Impress your investors

The goal of most startups is to have a working prototype to put in front of investors that will convey their intentions with a clear cut action. Our goal is to help these startups not only achieve this milestone but also lay the proper groundwork so that all subsequent work can be built upon the original frameowrk.


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Our mission

Our mission/goal is to help companies small, medium, and large size, to meet their technology goals and provide a user friendly user interface. However, we do not limit our service to simply the project at hand; our goal is to provide a solid foundation and a sturdy footprint that will help the maintainance of the application in the future. A solid framework, comprehensive documentation, and task management are just a few services that are services we pride ourselves.

Small Business

The online presence of a small business is very important. This is where one can become equal to all competitors, small or large. At Cielo Concepts, we define a businesses "online presence" as not only building a website but also providing the tools that will make the website more visible like search engine optimization so that the site will come up on searches with the appropriate keywords. A social media presence is also another way to expand the onine presence. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the ways that a business can reach its targeted audience. Blogging is also another way that a business can reach out to potential customers and "advertise through information". If you are starting a small business or just looking to improve your existing online presence contact us for more information.

Tech Startups

The goal to present a prototype to potential investors for either "A" round funding or a second round of funding is key to the success of a tech startup. Most startups build a prototype in order to reach the needed milestone but most of the time will throw it away in preference to a more robust and agile product. At Cielo Concepts, we believe that this prototype does not need to be throw away code and can be the foundation of a product that is extensible. We can help in building the user interface so that a proper framework is created and the ancillary tools like task management tools like Grunt and scaffolding tools like Yeoman are used to build a great foundation.

Large Projects

A great user interface, one with a great design and user experience, is the difference between a product that will be very successful and one that may not be as successful. At Cielo Concepts, we can help in evaluating the product and helping improve areas that require it. At Cielo Concepts, we have helped companies build an entire user interface for a product, we have evaluated the CSS or JavaScript framework for a site and helped improve its performance, we have also helped to build a user interface framework for a suite of products. For references or how we can your project, please feel free contact us.

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User Interface Design and Development
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User Experience Evaluation and Improvements
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Online Presence
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Social Media Presence
70% Complete (success)
User Interface Improvements
70% Complete (success)

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